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How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2022?

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Have you ever wanted to start a blog?

Are you looking for a way to make money online?

Start A Blog
start your own blog

If you want to blog, it is easy and fun! It can make you money if you want. Blogging is a good hobby that will help build your confidence and give you something interesting to do every day. If so, this article is for you! You’ll learn how to start from scratch with no previous blogging experience necessary.

People might start a blog because they have information to share, or they might want to help people. Whatever the reason, you will need some important things before starting. By the end of this post, you will know all the information and be able to start a successful blog and make money on it by 2022.

Let’s dive right into it!

Select Niche Before Start A Blog

Starting a blog with an amazing topic related to your interest and passion.
Oh! You have an idea of the type of content you want to produce, but not sure which niche would be best for your blog. That’s where we come in! We can help you select the perfect topic for your new blog.

If you want to build a blog, find something you knowabout. Experts will tell you this. But, if it’s not profitable, people won’t read your blog.

Picking a good blog niche is the most important part of building a blog. If you pick a blog with too many competitors, your blog will not get far. If you pick a niche that no one wants, then no one will read it. You need to find a niche that has some competition but not too much.

In this post, we’ll give you a few practical tips on how to find a profitable niche that can generate traffic to your website and eventually turn into a successful income stream.

Pick A Topic For Blog

Starting a blog is really fun. You get to buy the domain name, set up the site, make it look nicer, and write your first article. You might not like blogging after a couple of months because you lose interest in it. But if you pick a topic that you also like to learn about and talk about, then you will enjoy blogging

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Talk about a topic you know a lot about. It can be your hobby, work, or anything you are excited about.To find a topic to blog about, first write down 10 different topics you could write about. This will show that you are passionate about the topic.

Your Market Research.

The next step is to make sure that there is a big enough market for your topic. This can be done with a small research. You can start by saying, “For example, let’s say ‘ rock climbing ‘ . Then you want to see if people like this topic and how much competition it has.

If you want to know if people are interested in rock climbing, start by going to Google Trends. Type in ” rock climbing ” and see.

‘rock climbing’ google trends

People are interested in rock climbing. It has been growing for years, and I know a lot of people who watch it. I can start a rock climbing blog.

Pick a smaller niche.

Google is a good way to see what kind of competition there is. Type in your subject and see how many websites show up. If there are a ton of websites, then start a blog that is related to a smaller niche within that topic.

To avoid competing with big websites. You should pick a smaller niche. If you scroll down on the Google search results page, you other related terms.

google related searches
google related searches term ‘keto diet’

Choose a keyword and type it into the search bar. This will show how many people search for that word every month.Go to kwfinder to analyze the term ‘keto diet’.

keto diet keywords using kwfinder tool
kwfinder tool ‘keto diet’ keywords

The term “keto diet for beginners” appears to be a great niche for a blog but the competition is more.You will find little hard time to rank.

It gets around 17,200 searches per month and it has good ompetition.And, if you explore more keyword ideas for this topic, you’ll notice that there are plenty of other competitive keywords.

Which means you will have a lot of great keywords to write about in your blog posts but it will take time to rank.

Little keyword research

Now, you know how popular and how much momentum your niche has from Google Trends.But Google Trends does not give an exact number of how many people are searching for something. It only tells you the trend of how many people are searching. This means that it does not tell you how many people are searching for your niche.

Do more research to find the right keywords.

Basically, keyword research tells you how many people are searching for a certain word or phrase every month.So this is what you need to do.
First, think of keywords related to your niche.

For example, if you are talking about the Keto diet, some good keywords would be Keto diet, Keto recipes, Keto diet review, Keto diet menu, Etc.

Then, use a keyword research tool to see what other people are typing in hen they want to find your product. One good option is KWFinder. When you do this, other words will come up.You can sign up for a free accout.Search any keyword related to your niche below.

This helps you explore all of your niche.There’s no hard rule on how many searches you need, but the more people search for a word, the more blog posts you will have that people are interested in.

Is it’s profitable

If you want money from your blog, be sure that there is enough people who are interested in what you are doing.

You can test this by looking for brands or businesses advertising with your keywords. If people are spending money on ads that include words related to your niche, then it’s most likely profitable.

You can make money with your blog by using AdSense ads. You can also make more money by joining Amazon’s affiliate program.Whenever you send someone who wants to buy something on Amazon, you will get commission.

Write reviews about rock climbing shoes and gears. You can also make lists of the best rock climbing shoes.You can start linking to your affiliate products in your third or fourth post, when you start to get some traffic on your blog.

Before Start A Blog Choose A Domain Name

You should pick a short, memorable and original phrase for your domain. People will use this to find your website when they search on the internet.

If you start a blog, use your name. Or if you want to use a nickname for your site, make sure people can still find.Check for typos, particularly common typos. When you read a domain name aloud, it sounds quite strange, which can highlight typical spelling mistakes.

Think of a short, memorable phrase. Let’s say “If you want to use a memorable phrase as your domain name, what would it be.Your domain name is what people type in to visit your blog. It is the first thing they will see.

Keep in mind that it’s very difficult to change your blog’s domain later on! If you’re serious about starting a blog, choose your name wisely.

Web Hosting For Your Blog

There are many web hosting services that sell different packages. You can find a good deal if you look for a while! A reliable and secure

Some blogging platforms need you to use their hosting. For example, if you use WordPress, find out what it supports.You need to choose a blog hosting service that is good. You want a stable, secure and supported one.

With shared hosting, you share your server with other websites. The cost is about $6/month. This is good for beginners because it is cheap.Here’s a list of the top WordPress hosting companies, in no particular order.

Hostinger: For only $2.99 per month (for the basic package), It offers 30 GB SSD storage and 100 GB bandwidth.

Bluehost: You can use Bluehost for only $4.95 per month with a free domain. You get 10 GB of space and unllimited of data transfer per month.

SiteGround: For $3.99 per month, you get access to their StartUp package. This includes SSH access, real time backup and more.

Understand the needs of your site and the kind of budget you have. It is important to know how much money you can spend on a new website or blog and the type of web hosting you need before making any decisions.Here’s a hint for beginners. Always use a company that is reputable for your hosting.

Check whether they have the essential features.A good web host should offer one-click installers, access to the .htaccess file, FTP or SFTP account access, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The web host should also offer 24/7 phone, email or live chat customer support.

When you just get started, don’t worry about Disk Space and Data Transfer Capacity.Hostinger and bluehost are the two good option when you are just starting.

A Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Before you decide on a blogging platform, it is good to know what you are looking for.As a beginner in blogging, you will want to find a platform that is easy to set up. It should not be too hard even if you do not have any technical knowledge

The best blogging platforms should allow you to start a blog and publish content with ease.WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software that is used by a lot of people to share their thoughts and give people information.

You should start up a blog using WordPress because it is user friendly and it has many themes and plugins to make it easy for you. The themes options are the background, look, design of your blog.

Other options to choose are,,,,tumblr,medium and squarespace.All options mentioned above are free to start but Squarespace is not free to start.It basic plan starts at $12/month.

If you are just starting and are short of funds,as a new blogger,I would like creating a blog or a blog.It is simple and easy.Just to focus more on quality content keeping in mind the intent of readers.Later when time comes to scale,you can choose good hosting and domain to switch over to self hosted site.After all you are creating a business for yourself.

Planning Your Site

The first step for marketers is to find out who their target audience is (what age group, where they live). Then marketers can decide what to start selling.

What Is a Target Audience?

Your target audience is the group of people who are most likely to want your product. This might be based on their age, gender, or location. For example, ‘teenage girls’ is a target audience for many fashion companies, and so is ‘housewives.’

Let’s look at a few tools that might be helpful to find your target audience.

I use Quora to find what people in my blog niche are asking and answering.Do some research first. Find out the most important topics about your blog niche. Then use the “Related questions” on the right

related questions on quora
Quora related questions

Forums are a place to ask people questions. You can search for what you need. You may find the person you want to talk to just by doing a simple search.

Even though Facebook is not as popular as it used to be, people are still using it. Search for groups and discussions about your blog niche.

You should pay close attention to the questions you see and the answers people have written. If people ask questions that are similar to those on discussion boards, you might start your blog with the answers to those questions.

Pinterest is a good way to get blog traffic. You can find readers who are interested in your topic, and popular keywords for your blog.

When you search for things on Pinterest, the site will give you suggestions. It might be related to what you looked up. When you press enter, Pinterest will start to show you related searches. On Pinterest, you can find what people are looking for. You can use search terms that will bring traffic from there.

Using review sites and apps helps you find out which products and services people are interested in.If your blog is about travel, make sure to check Expedia,tripexpert.

I use Reddit because it’s a social news site.I start with subreddits about my blog niche, and ask questions there.Spend time finding out what your target audience wants by using the tools above.

Start A Blog-What Theme to choose

Your blog’s theme should be both clean and attractive. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a theme.Pick attractive colors and make sure your background isn’t too dark.In all my blogs I use generatepress.Many bloggers in the blogging world are using generatepress theme because of it is good.

It is lightweight,small in size,SEO friendly and focuses on speed.Did I tell you? It is free.

Use high-quality images in your blog posts. Make sure to optimize the image. Include buy buttons for products on Amazon in your blog post.

Content For Your Blog

The next activity is to create quality content for your blog. You should aim to write at least 5-6 blog posts per week. These do not have to be extremely long – it’s okay if they only take up one page on your site.

Make sure that you’re writing about something your readers will find interesting! Here are some things to consider:

Write about things that are related to what you wrote earlier. Include pictures in your posts so people can see them.

Take pictures of your products, and then you can put them on a website to share with other people. This will make them more interesting and it will also encourage other people to share them too, because they are free.

You should use affiliate links when you can. This will give good information to your readers and it will help you make money.

There are many ways to make money online. You can join an affiliate program with Amazon. You can join for free here:

Driving Traffic Your Blog

The second stage of your content’s success is to get visitors to it; you may do so by using social media.People often make the mistake of trying to be on every website.

But my answer is to only be on 2-3 social media platforms to drive traffic. They are medium, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.IIf you have a blog about the fashion industry, then concentrate on just one social media platform Pinterest. You can also look at Instagram because it has a lot of potential.

If your topic is about technology, then we recommend that you post on Facebook. If your topic is not about technology, then we recommend that you post on Medium. You should focus on one or two social media sites to help grow your site’s community. Make sure there is a way for your site’s visitors to follow you and start conversations using the social media sites.

Always remember: A picture says a thousand words, so start with images!

If people like your article they will often share it on social media platforms or link to it from their own blog or website. This is called ‘backlinks’ and is the third stage of your content’s success.

You will start to get visitors from other sites that start sharing your article or start linking back to yours.

Building An Email List

You have created your blog and you are attracting people to it. But now you need to collect their email addresses so they can buy things.

We need to start making an email list. We can send blog posts and other information to people who sign up. Then they will read our emails when we send them.

To sign up for updates on your blog, you can do this in a few ways. One way is to add a popup on your blog that asks people to subscribe. You can also use WordPress plugins like Sumo Me that will put forms at the end of each post for new visitors to subscribe.

There are many companies that offer email list building services, but they will charge you.If you want to earn money from your blog, try monetizing it. But if you just want to test it out, use convertkit.


There is a free option which will provide you with up to 300 subscribers, unlimited landing pages & forms, – enough when getting started!You can quickly make landing pages with templates that are customizable. No need to know any code.Create inline,popup and slide-insign up forms.

Start a WordPress blog. You need to create content for your website. It’s important to have 10-25 articles, and to also drive traffic to your website.

Once you have a blog, it is up to you how to use it. You can make money from your blog if that is what you want.


It is hard to start a blog, but you can do it. It will take work and dedication. You need to set up your site and start writing content. If it is something that interests you and you can write about, start doing it today!

If you are genuinely interested to start a blog then you can learn from other people who have achieved the same thing you want to do. When things seem cloudy, this will give you some direction

Good Luck In Your Blogging Journey!

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