Great things never came from comfort zones
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Why You Should Push Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Grow As A Person.

“In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” The longer I’ve been in business for myself, the more I’ve come to realize that this quote is absolutely true.

It’s easy to get stuck in our comfort zones – both personally and professionally – but it’s important not only to push ourselves out of these zones but also give ourselves permission to be uncomfortable.

Great things never came from comfort zones
Comfort Zones

If we are too afraid or anxious about something new, then nothing will ever change. We’ll always remain stagnant”. 

“It can be hard enough just getting up on stage at a conference let alone speaking publicly for an hour where most people have never heard your name before! But if you’re going to grow your business you have to be willing to do what it takes. You can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen.

I have to admit, when I first started blogging about my business and personal life, I felt uncomfortable. It was strange sharing so much of myself with the world, but it’s been one of the best things that I’ve ever done.

Nowadays, my blog is a place where I can share what makes me happy in this world – which is all of you! 

I hope this post helps you feel excited to take on some new challenges in your own life and helps you find ways to push your boundaries while staying safe.

Getting out of your comfort zone is hard enough as it is, but there are ways to make it much, much easier. If you want to break through that barrier and get out of your comfort zone once and for all, this article is just for you!

Let’s start with – How to get out of your comfort zone – 11 ways to break your comfort zone today! If you’re not comfortable with change, then you’re not going anywhere in life – how to embrace it.

What is a comfort zone and why do we need to break it

A comfort zone is that place where you are content or feel comfortable. It’s that place that makes you happy, safe, and confident.

A comfort zone usually includes what you are familiar with, what you are naturally good at, and your usual routine.

Why do we need to break it?

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be difficult because there’s always an unfamiliar element to it. Your brain is wired to make safe decisions, so when something new lands in your lap, it can make it really challenging for you to make a decision.

Breaking out of your comfort zone will not only help open opportunities for yourself in the future but also allow you to grow as a person!

Why your comfort zone may be holding you back

Continuing on from the previous paragraph, a common reason for people to not break out of their comfort zones is fear.

Fear can be a major factor because it’s going to make you feel all sorts of things – it’s going to make you feel tense, anxious, and scared.

In order to break out of your comfort zone, all you have to do is get over this fear and just get on with the next step that scares you.

How to break out of your comfort zone – tips and tricks!

If you’re in a comfort zone, then you’re in danger! The comfort zone is the worst place to be in when it comes to doing anything new.

When you do things that are risky or uncomfortable, your brain is more likely to tell you it’s okay instead of shutting down and letting fear take over. Below are some ways to break out of your comfort zone.

  • Be proactive – don’t wait for an opportunity to come your way
  • Practice self-care – this will help you feel better about yourself
  • Find inspiration in someone else – hearing their story can help you want to do something similar
  • Make a list of all the things that scare you and rank them by how scared you are of them
  • Remember the bigger picture – why are you doing this? What’s your purpose?
  • Be open to criticism and advice from others – be willing to take it on board!
  • Try something new every day – make a point to do something that scares you at least once a week
  • Don’t quit – keep trying even if you fail the first (or second or third) time
  • Just do it! Be proud of yourself for having the courage to end your comfort zone
  • Track your progress – take note of how far you’ve come and what’s changed since the last time
  • Remember that comfort is a dangerous thing

How this relates to me

Breaking out of comfort zones has always been a challenge for me – I’m one of those people who likes having my comfort zone because it’s safe and known.

A few years ago, I decided that comfort wasn’t a good thing, so I started going out of my comfort zone. For example, I used to not have an interest in travelling because it wasn’t safe for me and what if something bad happens?

However, after a few months of pushing myself to travel more and go on multiple trips around the country, I’ve finally realised that comfort is overrated and there’s nothing wrong with travelling.

The benefits of breaking out of your comfort zone

When you break out of your comfort zone, you gain more control over the way you think and act. You become more open to trying new things; doing things that make you uncomfortable pushes your comfort zones.

Breaking out of comfort zones isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the end!

By getting out of our comfort zones, we can drive ourselves to achieve many things. We often miss the great opportunities that are right in front of us as a result of comfort or fear.

In order to be successful, we need to overcome this comfort and take comfort in taking comfort zones out!

To explain further, we all have comfort zones. These comfort zones are defined as the activities, people, and situations that make us feel comfortable.

Often times comfort zones are things we seek out to avoid discomfort or pain that might come with trying something new.

A comfort zone can also contain comfort for instance, getting into a relationship because it makes you feel safe and secure rather than trying something new and more challenging.

Breaking comfort zones can lead to having a life full of experiences and new learning as well as creating an amazing you.

It creates comfort in comfort zones without comfort involved!

This comfort allows for some free thinking, doing what’s right or wrong but not caring about the consequences because it is YOUR comfort zone – you create the boundaries, comfort, and pain comfort.

It’s also can be used to comfort ourselves when we’re feeling down or taking comfort zones out because it boosts self-confidence and self-worth that you are able to break comfort zones!

The trick is to first think about all of the comfort zones you currently have in your life (relationships, social circle, work, etc.).

You can then take comfort zones out of those comfort zone by thinking about how you can change them up a bit.

For instance, comfort zones related to relationships may include limiting conversations with people from the opposite sex or not going outside your comfort zone in trying new activities or meeting new people.

Tips for how to get over the fear of change – embrace it!

You need to do the thing you’re afraid of. You need to confront that fear, comfort or comfort zones.

Dive into that comfort zone and venture out into uncharted territory; not only will it be healthy for yourself, but it’ll improve your overall mental health.

Think about how small comfort zones make us feel isolated and alone; try opening up your comfort zones by talking to people of the opposite sex, joining new clubs or activities, or travelling.

We all have comfort zones in our lives; try exploring them – they might just turn out to be your cherished comfort zones!


In this blog, we talked about comfort zones and how they can limit us from experiencing new things. Comfort zones are what make you feel safe and secure in the world but also keep you stuck in a comfort zone.

Breaking comfort zones is scary at first but it can lead to amazing opportunities for growth! If your goal is to get out of your comfort zone or if you want some help doing so, look no further.

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